Personnel Consulting Firms are an important part of the Nation’s free enterprise system. In seeking to bring qualified applicants and potential employers together, we perform a valuable service for both business and the public. The following areas of responsibility present general principles recognized by association members, who shall to the best of their ability:

Responsibility to the employer
Represent the best interest of the employer by acting as an effective extension of the employer’s recruitment effort and respect every confidence entrusted by client companies.

Responsibility to the applicant
Strive for the right of all individuals who want the dignity of work to choose their abilities and talents for personal fulfillment and the good of our country.   Extend professional service to all qualified employed and unemployed applicants regardless of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, age, income level or physical handicap.

Responsibility to the community
Be a contributing part of the community through participation in community activities.  Serve as a reliable source of information on matters pertaining to the employment field.

Responsibility to the nation
Engage actively in preserving the free enterprise system as essential to a continuation of the Nation’s growth and strength.
Cooperate in local and national efforts to maintain a high level of economy through reduction of national levels of unemployment.