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National Recruiting Success Trainer:
Jordan Rayboy
Thursday October 13, 2022 9-4
Friday October 14, 2022 9-1
Sheraton Harborside, Portsmouth, NH
Who is Jordan Rayboy!?
Jordan Rayboy believes life if short, so play hard!
He began recruiting in 2000 after his sophomore year of college. Six years later, he struck out on his own, forming Rayboy Insider Search. Being an impatient type-A recruiter, Jordan long ago abandoned the deferred life plan (slave, save, retire). By building an effective virtual team & leveraging technology, Jordan has run his search firm since 2006 while traveling in a tour-bus RV with his wife Jeska. They’ve raised three dogs along the way, which prepared them (kinda) for traveling with their three young children – Ryder, Hunter, and Asher. They’ve covered the majority of the US and Canada during their adventure while living their dream every day (as long as the RV works).
He joined the Pinnacle Society in 2009, and has served on their Board of Directors and as Member Education Chair. He also recently became a Sr. Network Advisor in the Sanford Rose & Associates organization, helping coach search firm owners to achieve their goals. Through Jordan’s numerous presentations at NAPS conferences, state associations, and training videos on Next Level Exchange, he has inspired countless recruiters to raise their game and make their dreams a reality as well. 
Thursday October 13, 2022 9AM - 4PM
General Programs
Valuable Training for Recruiting and Staffing Professionals
Note: Programs will run consecutively - Lunch Included
Riding the Recruiting Wave & Getting Back to the Top
The longer we are in this business, the easier it should become. However, many big billers have probably fallen victim to achieving a certain level of success, hitting a high billing mark, and then falling off the wagon, whether due to burnout, or other factors. The truth is that most top producers stop doing the things that made them successful in the first place! Join Jordan Rayboy, as he shares his journey back to the top of the wave, and how you can learn from his mistakes and successes to keep your billings at a consistently high level.
Power Planning
We all know that in our business and in life, failing to plan is planning to fail. In this session, Jordan will share a specific planning process that not only teaches you how to plan, but also how to execute for maximum efficiency. From helping design your Planning Checklist to dispelling the myth of Multitasking, learn how to get more production out of your time invested, and start seeing your results multiply!
Hook Em! Recruiting Rock Stars in a Candidate-driven Market
Most industries today are experiencing a candidate driven market, where every company seems to be hiring and candidates have multiple offers to choose from. However, whether in good times or bad, Top Talent is ALWAYS hard to find! So how do we get the hook into these A-players that are constantly being bombarded by multiple recruiters, are doing well, and not even considering changing jobs at the point that we call them? Join Jordan Rayboy as he shares his differentiated approach to recruiting the rock stars your clients truly want to hire. 
Friday October 14, 2022 9AM - 1PM
Owner and Managers Programs/Roundtable
Valuable Training for Recruiting and Staffing Owners and Managers
It doesn’t have to be lonely at the top! In this Roundtable portion of the program you will have the opportunity to join other successful professionals in a casual forum for invigorating exchanges of information, ideas, and insights in a non competitive setting. Recruiting Business Owners and Managers will come together for candid, solution-seeking discussions that focus on the challenges and pressures of running a successful business. Topics will include product ideas, candidate retention, advertising, sources for candidates, trends, compensation, economic impact, headcounts, sales strategies, and more.
Presentation: by Jordan Rayboy
The Power of Leverage – Building & Leading a Virtual Team
So you are a successful solo recruiter and have watched your billings grow over the years, until one day you inevitably reach a critical mass of having more work than you have bandwidth to deliver on, meaning you are now leaving money on the table. So now what? The problem is while you can always try and work more hours or make more phone calls, there is only so much YOU to go around, and you are sacrificing freedom for dollars. The problem with being a top producer in our business is that everything that got you where you are is exactly what will keep you from getting where you want to go (think about that one). The mindset of a producer is in stark contrast to that of a leader- trying to own everything and do it all yourself (because let’s face it- you’re the best at it and can’t trust anyone to do it as good as you) versus the seemingly foreign concepts of outsourcing, delegating, and empowering others. Ever wonder how you can multiply your billings from the $300-500k level up to $800k-$1M+, while also having more time to truly enjoy life? The only way to do it sustainably is to introduce the power of leverage by building out a team to support your rainmaking efforts. In this session, Jordan Rayboy takes you along the growth path from producer to leader, and how you too can scale your team, your billings, and your lifestyle to new heights previously unimaginable on your own.
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